What your favourite sport says about you?

Sports are a great entertainment and most people enjoy watching or playing some sport. The sport you enjoy gives others a glimpse of the type of person you are. Just like the food, movies, clothes or places you like. So, what does your favourite sport say about you? 

1. Soccer

You are organised and disciplined. You have a beautiful and athletic body but your mind isn´t as great. Youre deeply concerned with what others think of you, so you try your best to be the person everyone cant help but like. You love to hang out with a large group of people and do something adventurous. Spending time outside doing all kinds of sports, not only soccer is your ideal way of spending a day.  

2. Tennis

You are independent and hard working. Teamwork isn´t for you and your social skills aren´t particularly good. You are passionate about what you do and want to be the best in everything. When things don´t go as planned you have the tendency to get angry and overreact. People may not like you at first, but they will once they learn to know you.   

favourite sport

3. Basketball

People who’s favourite sport is basketball are ambitious, competitive, and sometimes a little aggressive. No one dares to stand in your way because you are willing to do anything to achieve your goals. Other people’s opinions don´t concern you or if they do, you don’t show it.  

4. Athletics

You are funny and friendly. You are also energetic and adventurous so you´re always searching for new challenges. Everybody likes you and thinks you´re cool, so you have many friends. Sometimes you can be quite emotional but that has never stopped you form achieving anything.

favourite sport


5. Swimming

You are confident and everybody looks up to you. Youre incredibly strong, both mentally and physically. Nothing can break your spirit. Sometimes you´re a little selfish because you feel like your needs are more important than everybody else’s.

6. Volleyball

If your favourite sport is volleyball you are enthusiastic and an excellent team player that loves to have a laugh. You probably have a lot of friends and are always friendly with everyone. You have a positive attitude towards life and you never stop smiling. If you have an opportunity to try something new, you take it because you have an incredibly strong adventure spirit.

7. Yoga

You are independent and calm. Loud places aren´t your favourite, instead you prefer to spend time in a more relaxing way. You don´t waste time worrying about everyday problems because life is too short for that. Everyone around you feels loved and important. Your worst quality is caring too much for the wrong people.

8. Gymnastics

You are hardworking and truly dedicated. You like to show of your skills and make other people see how amazing you are. You have the tendency to dominate any conversation youre in, because you loveto talk about yourself. Other people’s opinions concern you; everyone has to adore you. 

9. Golf

You like sports and being outside but you aren´t very energetic. Theres always a reason behind everything you do. Youre not carefree in the slightest. It may be difficult for you to find friends and people to hang out with, so you might feel lonely sometimes. But don´t worry because once you start being a little more passionate everyone will want to spend time with you.   

10. Your favourite sport is chess

You are smart and always think everything through. Youre incredibly patient. If anyone knows that good things come to those who wait, itisyou. At first, you may seem a little bit selfish but that´s not true, you just don´t trust anyone you meet. Actually, you take good care of your loved ones and would do anything to protect them.

What is your favourite sport?

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