The Best White Dress Shirt for Women in 2020

The best white dress shirt for women has the power to save any outfit crisis and take you up on the style meter. You can dress it up for work or down for the weekend and be sure to look your best either way. No wardrobe could possibly be complete without a white shirt. 

Unfortunately, all white shirts are not created equal and it can be overwhelming to decide which way to go. We have done our research and selected …

The Best White Dress Shirt for Women in 2020

Criteria for Selection

Our selection was based on the following criteria:

* Trim and tailored fit that flatters the female form
* Smoothness, softness and density of the fabric
* Collar and cuff construction – wimpy collars are a big NO!
* Overall high quality that will get you the best results in terms of comfort, longevity and looks
* Value for money

We used these criteria and scoured the internet for the absolute best white button-up shirt a girl can buy. If you are currently on a lookout trying to find the perfect white dress shirt, keep reading to discover the shirt that is number one on our shopping list.

The Winner Is: 
Women’s White French Cuff Shirt by Ella Hopfeldt

Best White Dress Shirt for Women

Ella Hopfeldt is a relatively new clothing brand that offers dress shirts exclusively for women. They are focused on just one thing – making the best possible women’s shirts. It therefore comes as no surprise that all of their shirts are quite spectacular. Additionally, the brand is also aware of and concerned with the impact that their activities have on the planet and people.

We have seen a lot of white shirts in our lives but honestly, Ella Hopfeldt’s white shirt with French cuffs blew our minds.

The shirt is simply exquisite. It’s the kind of button-up that will make all of the other clothes in your wardrobe look better.


The fitted fit feels like a second skin

The shirt is beautifully fitted and is the perfect length to wear either tucked or untucked.

Fit is somewhat of a speciality at Ella Hopfeldt. The brand has come up with their proprietary fit system where body shape AND size make up each of their 4 fits. The white women’s dress shirt come in thirty-six different options: four shapes and nine sizes. Take the time to suss out your fit and your size and the shirt will look as if it was tailor made especially for you.

Fabric that leaves you asking for nothing more

The first thing you’ll notice about the shirt is its luxurious, lustrous herringbone fabric. It feels soft and silky against the skin and oh so comfortable. 10 out of 10 for the smoothness, softness and density of this 100% cotton fabric.

Design is in the Details

Ella Hopfeldt is big on details and that includes the solid French cuffs that add a refined, distinctive appearance to this shirt. The French cuff, also called the double cuff, is cut longer than a standard barrel cuff so that it may fold back over itself. The cuff is fastened with cufflinks. And speaking of collar, that is another part we love. It is very well made, crisp and not flimsy at all.

Made in Europe, with an excellent attention to detail you might expect to pay an arm and a leg for this shirt, but that is not really the case. You can currently buy it for €119 (approximately $142). Not exactly cheap but definitely worth every penny.

Whether it is business, casual, formal or a combination, you’ll be surprised how well this white shirt works to fit your needs. Intrigued? Visit Ella Hopfeldt online store and find your perfect white shirt.

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