10 Fashion Rules to Elevate Your Style

Someone recently asked me: “If you could give one piece of style advice to your younger self, what would it be?” “Only buy clothes that fit,” I answered without hesitation because the fit of clothes is my favourite subject and one of my favourite fashion rules.

But then I thought back to the way I was and realised: this one tip would not have helped me much. My style was a mess, and ill-fitting clothes probably not even the biggest of my problems.

By now I have found my style groove, and it’s thanks to more than one piece of advice I’ve picked up along the way. Here are my 10 fashion rules that I believe will elevate anyone’s style and get them looking flawless.

1. Find your style and stick with it. 

This is much easier said than done. Finding your style means you’ve found what you’re comfortable in, what fits your personality and body type. It will help you shop less and more cleverly, with fewer impulse buys. I will write more on this subject shortly.

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2. Dress to Impress yourself.

Stop caring about what other people may think or say. Everyone’s a member of the fashion police and will judge, but then again, when don’t they? Dress in a way that makes you feel good. Make sure it’s situationally appropriate; but within those bounds, wear what you love and love what you wear!

3. Only wear what fits.

In today’s fashion you can get away with a lot, but wearing ill-fitting clothes is not one of them. Fit is the most important aspect of your clothing. Clothes that fit make you look better which in turn makes you feel better about yourself.

4. Keep it Simple.

We all want to separate ourselves from the pack, have our style speak for itself. This may end up in rather outlandish style. Sometimes simply having the fit of your clothes on point is all it takes to stand out and look stylish. The idea of keeping it simple doesn’t mean dress plainly. It means to not over think things.

5. Don’t shy away from Colour.

Neutrals, especially black, are easy but overused. If your wardrobe is bulging with black, beige and grey, take an adventurous leap, add a pop of colour to your outfits and put a spring in your step. There will be a separate blog post about how to do this later on.

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6. Choose Quality over Quantity. 

Quantity is not the key to happiness. It doesn’t matter how much of something you have; what matters is the quality of what you have. Buying quality items for yourself is an act of self-love. You are worth spending a little extra on and you deserve to have nice things.

7. Invest in Timeless Staples. 

A good selection of basics should be the foundation of any wardrobe. Accent pieces are fun, but when it comes to the base layers? Focus on materials and quality construction.

8. Everyone should own a classic white shirt. 

White shirt makes any outfit elegant and is always appropriate. This is what to wear whenever you don’t know what to wear. Make sure you have a beautiful, quality white shirt in your wardrobe and you are good to pull up any style you want. If you haven’t found your perfect white shirt yet, you should take a look at the one HERE

9. Define Your Waist.

No matter how big or thin you are and even if you think your waist is large, clothing that follows your contours – even gently – will always be more flattering and attractive than oversized and formless clothes. Define your waist and you’ll look trimmer.

10. Comfort is King.

Being comfortable is the most important thing. You don’t want to be fixing up your outfit every couple of minutes. Rather than silently suffering through itchy clothes and too-tight waistlines, always pick clothes that you both look and feel great in. It is possible to look polished and comfortable at the same time. In one of our upcoming blogs we will be sharing our tips to feeling more comfortable in your clothes.

What are the fashion rules you swear by?
Let us know in the comments. 

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